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Oracle 9i VS Oracle 10g

I have been using oracle 9i and was pretty comfy with the feature set and the user friendliness. The Management console was pretty much simpler to use and understandable even by a novice user.

I upgraded to Oracle 10g just few days back (Well the real reason being to fix a bug basically) and after installing it I was completely lost. No Management consloe as it was there in Oracle 9i???? I was completely lost..

After googling for a while i found that Oracle 10g had a web based management console. Now, generally you log into the oracle database using the very famous scott and tiger credentials and that was not the case with 10g. Again after googling for a while, found that you need to use SYSMAN as the username and the password that you provide during the installation.

hmmmm. It’s a mamoth change from 9i and will take a while to figure out the new feature set included in 10g but for sure it is much more complex than it looks. I’m playing aroun


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Dan Osman

Dan Osman  known for the exceptionally dangerous sports of “free-soloing” (rock climbing without ropes or other safety gear) and doing “controlled free-falls” (deliberately falling several hundred feet (his record was over 1200 feet) from a cliff while relying on a safety rope). He was known for living a bohemian lifestyle, rarely working, and living in a treehouse for months at a time. However he was the star of several rock climbing videos, which brought free-soloing to a wider audience.He died November 23, 1998 at the age of 35 after his rope length was miscalculated carrying out a controlled free-fall jump from a rock pillar called Leaning Tower in Yosemite National Park. He is survived by his daughter Emma Osman.

Check this video out

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