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Devil’s Advocate..

Karan Thappar interviewing Jethmalani.. You surely dont want to miss this.
Check the video and the conversation here:


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Got this article via email and would like to share it with all.

Knowledge Management is a buzzword in today’s corporate scenario. Companies have instituted special programs wherein their employees can acquire knowledge from newer avenues. But in the midst of all this, we forget what is also equally important – the application. I have seen many people who have excellent knowledge, they have acquired so much of information which is available at their fingertips but when it comes to practical application they are nowhere. Knowledge when not applied is of no use as it does not produce any results and just rots in the mind. The culmination of knowledge occurs when it is put into use and benefits everybody. Knowledge and Application are like 2 sides of the same coin, one along with the other makes life more valuable.

I have tried to create a knowledge-application chart as given below. This chart will help us classify ourselves and others among the listed 4 categories:

Knowledge and Application Chart
1. Dummies: They score very low on both the fronts and they are yet to begin the journey. No point talking about them.

2. Sinners: This category of people have lot of knowledge but they do not apply that knowledge. According to me having knowledge and not applying for the benefit of growth is a sin.

3. Survivors: These are a unique group of people, who apply almost everything they know. The ability to apply makes these individuals survivors.

4. Achievers: These are the people who should be looked up to. They score high on both the parameters. They achieve a lot and become somebody because they are busy applying the knowledge which they continuously acquire.

The idea is not just to plot individuals in the chart, but what is more important is to realize that it’s not the end-of-the road. We can move up the matrix by having a higher knowledge-application ratio and also help others to move. That’s the way to go….

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