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The Kite Runner

A week back i completed reading “The Kite Runner” by Khalid Hosseini. It’s a good read. a beautifully crafted novel which speaks about friendship, love, betrayal,patriotism,terrorism and most important of all Redemption. It speaks abt the Afghan culture, what it was and what it is now..


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You might guess what this title of the blog means. Well its nothing but a novel written by Chetan Bhagat – Five Point Some One.

Today i complteted reading this book. I had heard a lot about this book, and i must say its a good read. It gets you in a nostalgic mood, reminding you of your own college days..Yeah im right, it reminds me of how I used to crib abt VTU, screwed up system , the lecturers, their boring classes and not to forget the canteen food..

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