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Movie Bonanza!!

Hey ppl, been a while since i blogged!!!

Thought will share the list of movies i have watched in the month of march… Here you go :

1) Last Kiss

2) Happy Feet

3) Memoirs of Giesha

4) School for the Scoundrels

5) United 93

6) Before Sunset

7) Before Sunrise

8) Blood Diamond



11)Pulp Fiction

12) Resovior Dogs

13) Shawshank Redemption

14 )Pursuit of Happiness

15) Beyond Boundaries



18) Stranger than ficiton

19)The bridge to terabithia

20)The Usual Suspects

21)The Fast and the Furious – Tokoyo drift

uffff quite a list aint it??!

Will update on more movies the next month 🙂


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Just Like Heaven

Today I watched the movie “Just Like Heaven”


This movie is about Elizabeth Masterson who is a dedicated workoholic doctorwho is very busy in life. One night as she is returning back to her sisters house after 26 hours of work in the hospital, she meets with a terrible accident and renders into a spirit, though she is in coma and is on a life support. As a spirit she meets David, a lonely architect, who rents her appartment. The story continues into a romantic melodrama , where David realizes he has to save Elizabeth’s life when the doctors decide to take off the life support. David finally succeeds in saving her and the movie ends as usual in a romantic bliss 🙂

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