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Last weekend i had been to munnar with few of my friends. Without boring you all with a big description of what i did,  I would share the photos.. 🙂
All i can say is, it’s an amaznig place with an amazing scenic beauty.

Here are the pics :



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Finally I get some space and time to compile a long awaited post about my trip to coorg 🙂

Yes!!! I had been to coorg last Saturday, as some of my friends invited me to join them for the trip they were planning from a very long time. Thanks to them for inviting me. It was an amazing trip, one of the most memorable one I must say.

Well, after a hectic Fridays work, returning home back late night at 11:30 PM, I had to get by bags packed as I had to catch up with my friends early next morning. I left Bangalore the next morning at around 6 A.M.

We had our breakfast in Nalpak in Mysore and we were all all set to hit the roads to coorg. Friends, Music, a slight drizzle and a zooming car…what more can any one ask to have fun in a trip.

We reached a Tibet colony in the noon , and visited the Golden Temple. It’s a completely different culture, a well built temple with statues of Buddha ad two other saints. The way they pray, their scripture, it’s completely different. We all had a question in our mind when we were leaving the place as to what exactly does a Dragon signify in their culture..

After that we had our “So called Lunch” in some hotel. The best part that I noticed in the hotels of coorg is that, there are no servers; every hotel that we went had a buffet system, that’s something new that I had seen.

Okay…. So we headed towards Kushal Nagar, which is just a half hours drive from that place. We wandered there for a while playing around with the deers, monkeys ,elephants ( Yaane 🙂 ), bamboo tree houses etc.

From kushalnagar we headed to Madikeri (Abbey falls). The way to madikeri was simply amazing, the roads covered with mist, drizzle and greenery around. It was Heavens. Simply amazing…just loved the drive. We reached abbey falls, had to walked down to the falls, though the water was dirty with the rains, we did not mind getting into the chilled ice cold water splashing water on everyone.

After playing around for a while we went to Omkareshwar temple, spent some time there and headed to King’s View Point, it was fully covered with clouds so could not see much though. We just spent some time there and went to our cottage.

Next day morning we were on our way back and had planned to visit TalaCauvery , NagarHole- safari ride and Irpu falls. Had to drop the talacauvery visit since the locals told that the temple was under construction and also it was raining the whole night , so we headed to irpu falls. Few of my friends got bitten by leaches on the way the falls and while playing in the water. Spent some good time over there and headed to Nagahole. Unfortunately we could not go on the safari ride as they had cancelled it since it was raining. We drove through the roads inside the forest to catch a few glimpse of deers, elephants and peacocks etc.

We all reached our respective places late in the night, the trip was over, only thing we have now are the beautiful memories to cherish. On the whole it was an amazing trip.. Hopefully we guys will have more trips to come.

Check out the pics here (I’m posting only a few of many 😉 )




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Trip to goa

30th March, I had my tickets booked to go to Goa. The main reason for this trip was to bring down my cousin brother Elvis to Banglaore who had just completed his exams. That day i was chatting with my friends in orkut whom i met after almost 7 years, and I was so deeply engrossed in chatting, I had forgotten to pack my bags. I had a bus to catch at 5:30, when i realized at around 4 that I had not yet packed.. I rushed and had my bags packed in 15 minutes, got ready and was all set to catch the bus. By grace of god in the heavy traffic of majestic i just managed to reach the bus stop on time. I had my tickets booked with Paulo Travels.

Well when i entered the bus i was shocked seeing the codition of the bus, I said to myself ” Don u r goin to have fun tonight” . The bus was in a pathetic condition, the seats were horrible, no pushback seats, i had to sit straight all night. Thats not the end of it , when the engine started, I felt I was sittin inside a box which produces 100Db of sound per second. Oh!!!! How did i ever manage to travel in that bus, sitting straight with that sound screaaching through my ears.. I still wonder!!

I had been to Goa many a times, but i must say that this was the most horrible travelling experience i have ever had. I somehow managed to get through the night, reached Panjim by 9 in the morning. Took a Bus from there to my Uncles place…Having not wasted much of my time, i freshened myself, had my breakfast and went to Calangute beach. I went alone as Uncle had to go to office. Well walking on the white sand of Calangute has its own happiness within itself. I spent my day in Calangute and went back home in the evening at around 4.

After uncle was back, along with my small cousin sister we went to Candolim beach, spent our evening there, came back home and i had drained all my energy by then, so had my dinner and went for a long deep sleep. I had my retrun tickets booked on saturday by train at 9:00 P.M.

The next day morning i went to stroll on the streets of panjim and at 11 uncle and I went to Mapusa, had some work there, came back by 2 in the afternoon, had my lunch and had a short nap as i had to leave at 4:00 to Margoa to my Aunt’s house to pick up Elvis and board the train in the night. I reached Margoa by 5 in the evening, had a nice chat with my aunt, had my dinner and boarded the train to Bangalore.

This trip to goa was a short one, but i enjoyed it to the maximum, and yeah how can i forget “Paulo Travels”..

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