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Dan Osman

Dan Osman  known for the exceptionally dangerous sports of “free-soloing” (rock climbing without ropes or other safety gear) and doing “controlled free-falls” (deliberately falling several hundred feet (his record was over 1200 feet) from a cliff while relying on a safety rope). He was known for living a bohemian lifestyle, rarely working, and living in a treehouse for months at a time. However he was the star of several rock climbing videos, which brought free-soloing to a wider audience.He died November 23, 1998 at the age of 35 after his rope length was miscalculated carrying out a controlled free-fall jump from a rock pillar called Leaning Tower in Yosemite National Park. He is survived by his daughter Emma Osman.

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Here is a video of how people drive here, have a look at it.. This is exactly how I feel everyone drives around..No one has an ounce of patience to wait..

What do you have to say about it

Video courtesy : higgums

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Here are the pictures of Ms.Universe since its inception, pics sent by sandesh compiled into a video by me.. hope you all like it..

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Have you ever played pool like this at this age.. well check him out, he is amazing

Courtesy : Vidya

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Fold your T-Shirt

Well People, This video will surely teah you how to fold ur T-Shirt in the most efficent way, and if u learn it by any chance,dont forget to flaunt ur success..

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